The Next Breakthrough In Government Systems.

GLASS was created on the basis that governments are the biggest decision-makers in the world. As citizens, we empower public servants to operate, manage, deliberate and decide on major topics — from healthcare to education and infrastructure. In 80% of the world, the government workforce lacks simple and integrated tools to effectively leverage their resources to serve citizens.


Governments and Businesses
using GLASS Government Ecosystems

Our Mission

We are using technology to create a software ecosystem that simplifies governments’ processes to support them in operating more efficiently, transparently and responsively, building powerful tools able to produce massive public impact.

Our Vision

Our vision is to implement an ecosystem that’s practical and modern into the public sector setting, simplifying every single government operation and helping transform governments into high-performing entities.


We’ve helped government agencies buy over 4 million products from verified vendors, in short deadlines, and with flexible payment options.


Informal Bidding Made Easy. Governments can provide their requirements and request a quote for products, services and more.


A laboratory for innovation, experimentation and micro-investment in public, governmental and social intelligence solutions.

We think that to achieve our bold mission of taking government systems to the next level, we must first embody the values we hope to embed in governments. Thus, at GLASS, we are an “All In” organization — every member of our team is needed, valued and encouraged to bring all their talents to the table.

Meet the people creating the next breakthrough in government systems.


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